HDRI / 360° Snowfield night, Gois Austria

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82th HDRI Panorama release. Shooted in Winter 2017 at a field near Salzburg Austria really cold Night -14°!

HDRI / 360° Snowstreet night, Salzburg Austria

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HDRIBurgenland2 HDRI shootetd near Ilmitz Burgenland Austria

81th HDRI Panorama release. Shooted in Winter 2017 shortly after a snowfall – it was really a cold night :). New to this HDRI is the backplates are also supplied as Dng files.

HDRI 3.0 / 360° river power station

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riverpowerstation hdri

68th HDRI Panorama release. A wet experience – first (and probably last) hdri I shot in the rain.

HDRI 360° Night in Paris, France

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Click on image for full spherical preview

51st 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.