Snow slowmotion

Posted in Openslowmo,Particle,Slowmotion,Snow on Feb 11th, 2015

Falling snow.

HDRI 360° Großglockner road, Austria

Posted in HDRI Panorama,Snow on Jul 14th, 2012


38th HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background/reflection and small one for lighting.


Posted in Particle,Snow on Jan 15th, 2010

Snow Layer with alpha channel to comp over your background plate.

This time NOT as a jpg sequence! The Layer is compressed as a QUICKTIME ANIMATION CODEC WITH ALPHA.

Snow Ground Texture Pack

Posted in Nature,Snow,Textures on Jun 3rd, 2008


40th texture archive released containing 8 snow/ground textures tif/jpg textures. All tileable and 2k or over.

Preview Image of all textures containing this archive

Download Zip Archive uncompressed TIF (77MB)
Download Zip Archive Jpg (12MB)

(footage license..)