HDRI 360° garage salzburg

Posted in HDRI Panorama on Jan 28th, 2008

Click on image for full spherical preview

3rd 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.


  1. Hi,

    my name is Alan, and I’m a 3d modeler from Italy. Using your stunning garage HDRI I found the perfect environment for my Alfa Romeo MiTo 3d model:

    Some links:




    Thanks for your fantastic panoramas!

    Alan Guerzoni

    Comment by Alan Guerzoni — 3. February 2009 @ 08:28

  2. You might think about including http://www.projectmessiah.com in your 3D Animation Links – GOOD site.


    Comment by Rob Callicotte — 31. May 2009 @ 16:36

  3. How can i use this hdri as a background? any chance of having a tif or jpg of this image? thanks

    Comment by ed — 5. September 2009 @ 01:57

  4. @ed: Use directly as HDR (example you use Vray, pick VrayHDRI map and select HDR images into slot, then drag+drop it into background slot (shortcutkey’s 8 in 3dsmax). For tif or jpg, simply just convert it yourself. Convert image using for background doesn’t take that much time, I think normal converting is fine, don’t need keep all large range of light expo in original HDRI…

    Comment by Johny — 7. November 2009 @ 04:35


    Comment by Sergey — 31. March 2010 @ 15:32

  6. Dude! This is awesome! Many thanks!!

    Comment by Beau — 20. June 2010 @ 06:43

  7. Down, but I wish it was up

    Comment by Alex — 19. August 2010 @ 05:35

  8. is down,
    pleeeeze up it again!

    Comment by p4 — 19. August 2010 @ 18:43

  9. its down
    please up it again

    Comment by p4 — 19. August 2010 @ 18:44

  10. Hey what’s up!

    I’m a 3D Modeler enthusiast and I think this image seems pretty good to a tire-rim model that I’m modeling (as a background, simulating some lighting on chrome material).

    Thanks for sharing!


    Comment by Orlett — 21. August 2010 @ 03:32

  11. many thanks,….

    Comment by Mohsen Fallah — 27. April 2011 @ 12:06

  12. thank you so much, it’s useful

    Comment by arif wicaksono — 10. March 2012 @ 18:49

  13. Awesome HDRI panorama! Loaded it into Blender and poof! awesome scene..

    Do you have a page where you describe how you make these? Im tinkering with Hugin to make panorama and export HDR or EXR from it… I was wondering what projection you are using or what apps you are using to create these? what lens? etc?

    Thanks for your great work…awesome stuff!

    Comment by TJ — 6. May 2012 @ 02:05

  14. ik serieus uw site Pleasant kleuren en thema. Hebt u maken deze site jezelf?
    Gelieve te antwoorden terug als ik willen mijn eigen site en wil to leren waar u deze kreeg van of wat de thema wordt
    genoemd . waarderen !

    Comment by Fietsen Reparatie Nijmegen — 5. April 2016 @ 21:41

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