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6th 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.

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11 comments on “HDRI 360 degree gaisberg at night salzburg”

  • ex Cathedra

    This is, by far, one of the best I have ever come across.

    It is my humble opinion that you should produce more nighttime HDRI.

    Thank you for your beautiful works.

  • Dariusz


    AMAZING WEB ! Great hdrs I just love them… But theres 1 think that bothers me… could you also post camera set up ? ISO/Shutter/etc etc? Would be easier to process image in 3d…also could take few extra backplates photos ? would help a lot with rendering cars etc etc.

    Once again great work ! Im sure I will be coming here a lot :]

  • harry

    Daaaaaaanke !

  • Abbas

    Thanx for a great site, however, I tried at least 10 times to download this file but once it reaches 97% it stops and gives me an error. So I couldn’t download it! Could you please fix the problem and alow me to download this awsome HDR?

    Many thanx

  • admin

    hello Abbas,
    I tried the download and I can not find any problem! It downloads 100% and the file is OK.

  • Abbas

    Thanx for the replay.. 😀
    It’s fine with the low res, but the high res seems to be causing me problem.. I asked a friend and he said probebly the download has a time out 🙁 unfortunately my internet isn’t great so I will try from somewhere else..
    Again thanx a lot for the site and for your help

  • zhangyuancwq


  • xiaou

    DOWNLOAD LIMIT REACHED. Please try again later.

  • xiaou

    DOWNLOAD LIMIT REACHED. Please try again later. ????? ???

  • Mike

    If I use this image to light one of my 3d objects (commercial) do I have to name the author anyware?

  • Markus (author)

    Dear xh
    i checked your purchase – email with download links was sent directly after the checkout (I just resent it please check your spam folder)
    the other option is to use your login and then you can download the purchased files here :Service / contact / about – shopping history- purchase history.
    If there are still problems please contact me directly and we will find a solution.

    Greetings Markus

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