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timelapse cress growing

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6 comments on “Timelapse cress”

  • soifran

    great, as lot of cute things on this blog

  • Dr. Cheema

    God bless u sir, You surely have a very gr8 site. Such amazing videos !!! Thank u very very much.

  • Leonardo

    First of all, thanks for making such an excellent site!

    I would like to point out a small mistake:
    The link for “Download HD1080p” is pointing to the HD720p video.
    The link for “Download HD720p” is pointing to the HD1080p video.

  • Leonardo

    Sorry, that is not right.

    The link for “Download HD1080p” is pointing to the another time lapse. The rose one.
    The link for “Download HD720p” is right.

  • admin (author)

    the 1080p link is fixed now!

  • Alex

    Great resources. Thanks a lot. Will also donate, you deserve a lot for the good things you do.
    Some small comments. 1080p footage -> broken archive.
    Would love to be able to download in a better than JPEG format, something without compression. Even for a small fee. You could keep the JPG free but be able to download TIF or TGA sequence let’s say for 2-3 Euros or smth. It would be great.

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