Paris Timelapse streets at night

Posted in city timelapse,Timelapse on May 1st, 2013

Paris street at night


  1. Why do u save in .jpeg format wouldnt a videoformat be more of use? With wich program can i render them into one movie? DO u know!

    Other than that great material aspeciall the slowmo material am using it for a comercial in a shopping window! For a jacket store in sthlm..

    Btw submitet 1euro for ur server costs! 🙂

    Best regards Andreas, swe

    Comment by Jesus Saves (Andreas Sweden) — 11. November 2013 @ 23:22

  2. Hi Andreas,
    thanks for your donation! I decided for jpg sequence because jpg pictures is a format really everyone can use in an editing or compositing package. Please read the faq´s for programms which convert jpg in for example movs.

    Comment by Markus — 12. November 2013 @ 13:16

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering, if i could possibly be able to use your time lapse footage for educational purposes? We are making a film trailer for our A Level Media and would love to use your time lapse footage in it.!

    We will also credit you in our trailer!

    Thanks for your time
    Amy and her team!!

    Comment by Amy — 2. December 2013 @ 14:28

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