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Paris Timelapse streets at night

Paris street at night

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3 comments on “Paris Timelapse streets at night”

  • Jesus Saves (Andreas Sweden)

    Why do u save in .jpeg format wouldnt a videoformat be more of use? With wich program can i render them into one movie? DO u know!

    Other than that great material aspeciall the slowmo material am using it for a comercial in a shopping window! For a jacket store in sthlm..

    Btw submitet 1euro for ur server costs! 🙂

    Best regards Andreas, swe

  • Markus

    Hi Andreas,
    thanks for your donation! I decided for jpg sequence because jpg pictures is a format really everyone can use in an editing or compositing package. Please read the faq´s for programms which convert jpg in for example movs.

  • Amy


    I was wondering, if i could possibly be able to use your time lapse footage for educational purposes? We are making a film trailer for our A Level Media and would love to use your time lapse footage in it.!

    We will also credit you in our trailer!

    Thanks for your time
    Amy and her team!!

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