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Hello all you digital artists out there!!!

From today on i will start my project .

It?s very simple, on this platform i will share all that stuff from which I start beginning working. Every week I will upload new footage containing textures, time lapse clips, 3d models, an all other kinds of footage I made initially for myselve!

The difference from all others sites containing these stuff is that the footage will be a quality with you can work. There will be no 320*240 video stuff an no pixely small pictures. All picture content will be at least 2k and tileable in one direction (or two regarding on the picture). The videos that I will share for you will be all Full HD,720p, Pal, Ntsc – all widescreen an compressed in a zip archive containing a jpg sequence.

the next big difference is that you can use the footage for your work, commercial or non commercial your are allowed to remix it whatever you want. The whole footage is released under creative commons. The only copyright that I want from you ist that you put the name of the site in your credits of your work.

the reason i put this all together in blog is to keep it for you as simple as possible, you don?t not have to subscribe to any form of mailingslist or registrate to get to the downloads you just can choose what you want and download it straight ahead. I have severall fast servers that will be used for downloading. The pictures and movies of the different footage are all packet in a zip archive so you don?t have to download them seperatly for each picture.

So long and please forgive me for my poor english 🙂

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8 comments on “”

  • ello

    hey, thank you very much for those awesome contribution!!

    keep it up

  • admin (author)

    thanks !

  • m_A

    Dude, the bandwidth is gonna eat you alive! But the advertisements in the sidebar look oddly compelling…!

  • Mike

    You are a genius!!! 🙂
    Thanks a lot for your disposition to share the best of your works.

    BTW your english is very good 🙂

  • admin (author)


  • paul_landers_copy

    Good luck and keep it up! and also thanks a lot for sharing this with us 😉

  • Tijana

    Thank you very much for these textures .. 🙂
    I’ve been searchin’ & searchin’ these things for my project so thanks to you now I can finish it at last 😉

    Kisses, Good luck & Thank you once again 😉

  • michael ambjorn

    Hi. Thank you for the great hdri pictures. Very useful.
    I will recommend this site to my friends.


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