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Who We Are

We are filmmakers and 3d artists trying to make footage that is useful for us 🙂 and the rest of the world. Our focus is on VFX and compositing to make footage that is ready for production.
Have a look at our Portfolio at zenofilm.at and hire us if you need any vfx, animations or visual elements. Greetings Markus + Petra




Meet The Team

Markus Huber

Markus Huber

Founder, 3d Artist

Petra Hinterberger

Petra Hinterberger

Director, Cutter






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92 comments on “About Us”

  • Thomas Solberg

    Hi there.

    Just found you page today though a link from youtube. I really like you timelapse movies. Keep ’em coming and keep up the good work

    Greetings from Denmark

    Best regards
    Thomas Solberg

  • Anonymous

    great stuff,

    thanks a lot


  • Nick

    Somebody mentioned you on digitaljuice.com today, so glad I found this site. Thanks for sharing!

  • Loomax

    Thx u so much for great quality footage. You can see one of them on my website.

  • Imran

    No one is giving this type of HDRI for free.
    U have Gr8 collection thanks dude…

    only one Q Have U made It??

    Thanks allot.

  • admin (author)

    thanks for your comments!
    Yes i have made it…Nikon D200 +10.5mm fisheye and a Nodal Ninja for the HDRI´s.

  • 3dhifi

    Großartige Idee mit dem Blog und beeindruckende Sachen, auf die idee hd-timlaps mit der dslr zu machen bin ich noch garnicht gekommen.
    Ich würde mir mal ein längeres wünschen, wegen traffic vielleicht nur 720p – die hdris sind auch sehr schön.

  • admin (author)

    Dank dir…von Breeze systems gibts eine timelpase Steuerung für Canon Kameras, für Nikon gibt´s was ähnliches direkt vom Hersteller. Auf längere shots haben mich schon einige angesprochen…und es wird in naher Zukunft auch einige clips geben!

    Thank you….Breeze Systems offers a timelapse control software for canon cameras and nikon has also a camera control software for their dslr´s. Many people asked me for longer timelapse clips …and in the near future there will be some longer shots!

  • DBRv6

    Thank you very much the HDRI and the textures are impressive – I have enjoied looking at your work here.

  • Tim Lee

    I have up until now only scanned my own materials to manipulate in photoshop.
    I will continue to do so but I could not pass up your more than generous
    site and some of the textures offered.
    Wish you all the best.

    Thank you very much ~


  • admin (author)

    thanks tim i will keep going…


    Thanks very much !

  • exorbit-art

    Thank you for this nice stuff !!

    friendly regards


  • sassafras

    Great site and great images. I think I’ll start putting an NYC collection together and try to offer something similar.


  • Rabie

    its realy good to offer this kind of footage,if you need some renderman shaders or something about rendering and lighting mail me i wil give you wat you want.

  • admin

    Hello Rabie, I currently don´t need renderman shaders but nevertheless thank you very much for your offer!

  • machmirdenlukas

    wonderfull stuff.
    thanks for your effort!!!

  • the11plague

    Amazing work. Does “open” mean we can use some of your textures ?

  • the11thplague

    Wonderful, thank you! I’ll let you know if I use them.

  • luke

    hi men
    i live in argentina, i’m a 3D artist too, anda a grafic designer and animator
    i love the stuf i found here!!!!


  • Perra

    Wooow!!! You are the master of the masters!! What a great person you are!!
    Greetings from Perra in Stockholm

  • ex Cathedra

    Dear Sir,

    Your site is surely the most successful I have ever seen. Thank you very much for your dedication and kind efforts.


    ex Cathedra
    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Klaus Ruttmann

    Still an insider tip?
    24th post after all this generous gifts?

    Well, it took me for more than to long to say
    Thank you.

  • annajak

    My best compliments for the site! Thank you very much for sharing all these great stuff!

  • tim

    your stuff is excellent!!!

    love the burning cigarette! very good! love to see those fire macros hi res stuff 🙂 thankyou kindly from australia!

  • huyvu

    many thanks

    good stuffs for downloading 🙂

  • Elviz

    Thank you very much for your effort.

  • Mike

    Fantastic work and website.

    Thank you very much for sharing!!! 🙂

  • GEO

    Nice web page, i got link to this page from digital tutors tutorial for 3d max. This stuff you are shearing is gold 🙂 i lokked for hdr long time but just here i found it in very high rez, thank U. Best wishes from Lithuania (middle of Europ)

  • Vitaly Alyonkin

    Hi from Russia, Moscow!

    Thank you for amazing work and beautiful textures!!!
    It would be desirable to see textures of trees and bushes with alpha channel in the future 🙂

  • Paul Tremonti

    Hi from the United States. Fantastic professional work you have. Thank you for sharring your hard and time consuming work.

  • timelapse

    Hallo aus Österreich!

    Bin grad durch ein Videotutorial auf deine Seite aufmerksam geworden und es ist genau das was ich brauche! Vielen Dank!

  • Roma

    I want to say that your work is great.

  • lifad

    Hallo! Bin auch Ösi^^

    Deine Arbeit ist perfekt und genau das, was ich zur Zeit benötige! Vielen Dank!

    Grüße aus Vorarlberg

  • OngardK

    We used your HDR images for our CarTune progarm, which is awarded 3rd place for Quest3D Awards 2009.


    So we would like to thank you for your very kindness for sharing the very nice HDR.

  • Anson

    Thank you!!
    Great Stuffs!!

  • victorius

    Hello, Rabie (it`s your name?) Very glad to use your site. I`m from Russia. Your HDRI-wonderful! Panorama and video FANTASTICK! Thank you very mutch!!!!! Have fun )))

  • ben

    Excellent stuff, specially the HDRI panoramas! Thanks

  • NajeraE

    Found your web just today from an envato marketplace, man this stuff is just sooooooo greatttttt….

    Best Regards…
    Form Central America

  • dave62

    wie erstellst du die HDRI-Longitude/latitude maps?

    Gestitched? Mirrored Ball abfotografiert mit zig megapixel? (angularMap und dann mit z.b. hdrshop Panoramaic Transformation – Longitude/Latitude)

    Wäre wirklich sehr an deiner arbeitsweise bei der erstellung der texturen interressiert. Hab schon einige erfahrungen mit dem abfotografieren einer kugel gesammelt. wegen der relativ geringen auflöung (da ccd nicht quadratisch) würde ich gern das ganze lieber direkt fotografieren und zusammen-stitchen, dann in ne longitude/latitude transformieren..??

    außerdem vielen dank für die tollen hdrs!!:)

    tolle arbeit!!

  • Jeremy

    Wow! Very nice site! Thank you so much. I’m glad to see we have an alternative than paying $$$$$ to GETTY IMAGES!

  • Charlie

    I’ve been looking in many places for high quality stock footages but don’t really have the budget for the ones I see. Until I found your site. You have such an amazing collection here. And all for free! Thank you! I’ll definitely be coming back and link your site on my blog.

  • Robert

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the goodies. I haven’t made a contribution yet, but I do plan to do so. Your work is definitely worth supporting.


  • triple_clone

    Hallo nach Salzburg-Lehen aus Salzburg-Gnigl!
    Danke für die HDRI, kann sie in Cinema 4D als Hobbiest gut verwenden. Muss mal versuchen, sie in Animationen zu verwenden. Gute Arbeit – Respekt – und nochmals sanke!

  • Aleksandar

    I just wanted to say good job and a big thank you for all of your resources.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • Chris

    Really really good resource with some top quality HDR images. Any plans to create some internal HDRIs?

    Thanks man, don’t stop doing what you’re doing!

  • temp-64GTX [Aleksandr]

    This is the best HDRI’s that I’ve ever seen. I love Hi-res 🙂
    Many thanks to you from Novosibirsk (Russia)

  • Cristina

    First of all thank you very much for sharing your footage! I don’t know if I use it. I will let you know!
    Regards from Italy!

  • dajinni

    Fantastic stuff. The quality level and accuracy with which you are working is impressive.

    In the train now, will Paypal you ASAP …


    Grüezi uus Basel –

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