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In many shots I had the problem of missing footage especially for smoke and explosions. Conventional footage libraries have not a correct alpha or the explosions leave to quick the filmed area. In many cases I needed explosions that have a scale that are missing in filmed footage. So I had the Idea for this site I would like to share with the public. I am starting with fourteen Explosions and will continually expand the collection by one ore two Explosions a week. License is similar to openfootage except that for a commercial use a donation would be required. For a not commercial usage this is not required.

Happy downloading 🙂
Markus (

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5 comments on “CGEXPLOSION”

  • ximun64

    Thanks man ! 🙂

  • Yahiya Jasem

    thank you!!! wow!

  • clayton

    Incredible of you…very generous…thanks

  • ari


  • tigear

    Incredible of you…very generous…thanks

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