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Dirty walls III texture pack


21th texture archive released containing 7 dirty walls tif/jpg textures. All 2k and at least in one direction tileable. Shooted in romania and ukraine, mainly in bucharest.

Preview Image of all textures containing this archive

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria License.#

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One comment on “Dirty walls III texture pack”

  • Etienne

    hey – great site, nice idea. i love sharing content with cc licences. i am thinking about doing something similar with images i present on my site (see above). is this working out for you. do you get some traffic? do people respect your license and publish stuff with links back to you?
    i only miss a page “about” to get some information about you and your work, and a mail-address… or i judt didnt find it? best, etienne

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