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Click on image for full spherical preview

9th 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.

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8 comments on “HDRI 360° degree bridge”

  • erurdyZiggise

    Tahnks for posting

  • admin

    download problem is fixed!

  • Andrea

    I get the message archive damaged when I try to download any file. I just unloading a zip file of 15 bytes not opening for every file that I try to download.

  • D.Milan

    I would need this picture to follow the tutorial of Digital Tutors “automotive rendering in 3ds max” but unfortunately when I try to download it I just get a zip file size of 30 bytes, but that is not a zip file because I returns error when I try to open it.

  • admin

    the download is up again…sorry for that

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  • anka

    can i download that background image without panoramic like in those zip file?
    or anyone know how to convert it to flat screen image without panoramic, spherical, whatever like that?

  • admin

    no you can only download the file as a panorama. You have to convert it in a 3d Programm.Put the panorama on a sphere then you have got a “normal” image.

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