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43rd HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background/reflection and small one for lighting.

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11 comments on “HDRI 360° Port Syros, Greece”

  • Joel

    I just use it for private thinks

  • Felipe

    Hey man, awsome content here! Where can i find the backplate for this HDRI? Thanks!

  • Valery

    Hi, thk you so much for this sharing, your work is so great ! 🙂
    it’s seem to be a problem with this one, i can download it but it don’t appaers like ”.zip file” but just a ”.file”. Then i cannot extract it.
    Thank you again !!

  • admin (author)

    Hello Valery download should be fixed now.

  • Valery

    Hi Markus, waw what a feeback! it works ! thank you! The small lighting file seem to have the same problem.
    Thx for all. 🙂

  • Markus (author)

    Hi Valery,
    You’re welcome! Small file is also fixed now.

  • Steve

    Very nice work! I would like to use this for a rendering in a textbook; can you tell me how you’d like it attributed? Thanks!

  • Gill

    Hi Marcus
    Very pretty hdri images!
    I also find your solution with lowres creative common package vs. payed package very useful (and kind). It’s great to be able to “test” the material before buying.
    One question: I understand the difference between the usage rights (check). But beside the resolution (wich of course affects the quality), is it any other differences between the packages that can affect the final setup? For example, does the testing package contain all the elements that are provided in the comercial one?
    Have a nice day!

  • Markus (author)

    Hello Gill,
    thanks for your feedback!
    The hdri images are the same just downscaled from the high resolution versions. In the latest releases there are a differencees in the “Pro” version, there you get matching photo and video backplates, color charts, even higher resolution hdri´s (20k) sometimes greyballs, and sometimes (more in future) 3d scans from the enviroment to make it easier to place the 3d modells in the hdri.
    all the best

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