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15th 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.

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4 comments on “HDRI 360 lago di garda italy”

  • John Doe

    There seems to be a problem unpacking many of these HDRI Panorama zip archives from Tried to download numerous times and tried to unpack with various programs, 7-zip, winrar etc.

  • jinj

    hey, nice hdri collection!
    you are a Italy lover 😉

    I have a question… for setup light correctly in the scene… exif data are missing.
    iso, fstop, date-time, etc.
    where to get this data?

  • jinj

    the hdr seem to don’t be real hdr but just LDR saved as hdr.
    I compared your image with other hdr on the net… well when I use it with an unbiased rendering engine and the sun is visible in the rendered image… the point of highest brightness is brown instead to be near to whithe… so no light contribution.
    so very nice images… but not usefull as hdr.

    if you want I can send you the renderd image.

  • admin (author)

    hello jinj the hdri´s are taken with 9 different exposed pictures put together to the to one hdri. So with the total of 81 raw pictures will make one panorama hdri. Of course with nine exposed pictures i can not capture the sun with it´s brightest point.
    But practically that is not necessary as most of all renderes use for their GI Solution some kind of simplified map f.e. irradiance map (vray) where the sun would , as some kind of very bright pixel, be blurred away or just produce render errors.
    With unbiased Renderes you can us a hdris with very bright pixels like the sun but that would cause very much noise and long render times because most of the light has to be sampled from very few pixels.
    See these link

    so on the left side sharper shadows cause of full resolution map with bright pixels.
    right side faster but more blurry trough the resolution downsample

    So i can say to you that the hdri´s on the side are not ldr saved to hdr format!…..but not hdri´s with very bright sun pixels.If you want in your unbiased renderings outdoor hdri´s that cast sharp shadows from the sun you have to simple opportunities :
    1. Use together with the hdri Ligthing a directional light that will produce sharp shadows which are very good controllable.
    2. Take the hdri´s and paint, in an appropriate application the few very bright sun pixels in the hdri. Then you will have sharp shadows and long rendertimes 🙂
    ….and in the lago di garda hdri the sun is not very bright at all because of the sunset and the time of shooting.

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