Current Footage

Snow Layer with alpha channel to comp over your background plate.

This time NOT as a jpg sequence! The Layer is compressed as a QUICKTIME ANIMATION CODEC WITH ALPHA.

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10 comments on “Snowfall”

  • klaus

    A big Thank you.

  • comeinandburn

    amazing quality Many THANKS!!

  • Anne

    Thank you very much for the Snow file. Love it!

  • downloader

    somethings wrong with the HD1080 footage, it only downloads about 350MB and then it suddenly stops, could you take a look? thanks in advance 🙂

    • admin (author)

      download is fixed, thanks for the comment!

  • agustin

    I ask myself how

  • Olgert

    Hi! I wait 30 seconds and more and still no download.
    What is the problem THANKS!

  • Peter Andersen

    This is the best snow clip I every have seen 🙂
    It could be cool, if it was possible to split the snow clip in front/center/back layers.
    So it was possible to insert the snow between layers.

    Great Work

  • Jon

    Hi many thanks for the great timelapse videos you have shared, they are perfect!!

    I found your City Timelapse of great interest indeed.

    Thanks again, and pleased to say I had no trouble downloading here in Australia.

    Best wishes Jon

  • Jon

    Great stuff Thanks

    Like your City Timelapse Videos very nice indeed


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