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Timelapse Quality? Poll

Thanks for the voting! The results are quite clear:

  • HD 1080p is enough

70 % of all votes

  • i want 2k resolution

16 % of all votes

  • HD 720p

8 % of all votes

  • i only need pal/ntsc

6 % of all votes

so HD 1080p is enough!

Many people emailed me and asked if it´s possible to get all the textures and timelapse movies on a dvd. So I thought of making a DVD collection of all footages released under

Regarding the idea of open source footage i would not make any money with these collection and you could get these dvd´s for the production cost (at about 20 dollars). So I ask you in these next poll if you are interrested in these idea!

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One comment on “Timelapse Quality? Poll”

  • Dariusz


    I know its an old post but still wana put my few coins in to it.. U are making AMAZING HDR’s(in terms of quality/size) if u could put some of them for sale + few backplate shots for cars etc etc id be more than happy to buy it ! OFC if ull beat prices of Dosch/other webs that are making HDR’s for that purpose(but not necessary) !

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