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29th texture archive released containing 8 woodplanks textures tif/jpg textures. All tileable and 2k or over.

Preview Image of all textures containing this archive

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3 comments on “Wood planks texture packII”

  • Diana

    Since that’s the 3rd time I’m trying to download the TIF pack (New bandwidth problems? Hope I’m not exacerbating), I may as well leave a quick thank you comment showing my sincere appreciation for your wonderful work. Keep it up.

    P.S. Also, as more of a personal suggestion (I really don’t mean to intrude), I’d love to see some quality seamless/alpha channeled industrial textures. Is there a chance you have a clear view of a nuclear plant through your window?

  • admin (author)

    Hi Diana,
    bandwith should be okay ..but nevertheless there will be new (and faster) servers next year. Sometimes it happens that the download does not start immediatly after clicking the download button at the image verification screen. Then depending on the speed of your connection and the server workload you have to wait up to 30 sec that the download starts….I am really sorry for that but the traffic is very hard to handle…

    industrial textures…i will keep that in mind for the next posts…

  • Diana

    I actually got to download it that time. Texture #6 looks a bit blurry, but otherwise it’s a very good and useful pack. Thanks again.

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