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6th texture archive released containing 8 concrete tif textures. All 2k and tileable.

Preview Image of all textures containing this archive

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria License.#

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7 comments on “Concrete Texture Pack”

  • Ravel

    the download is damaged.
    it ends downloading when it reaches ~2mb
    Please fix this problem.

  • admin

    the download is not damaged there must be a problem with your internet connection, at my connection it downloads without any problem.

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  • qingo

    hi, how are you doing? i’ve downoaded a couple of your texture zip files, but none of them seem to be able to to be extracted properly, the error displayed says:! C:\Users\Qingy\Desktop\open footage\ Unexpected end of archive

    any idea what the matter is? 🙁 i wish to use these textures on my uni project… if u could help me fix this, that will be much appreciated! thank you!!

  • admin

    Hi qingo,
    I have found a little problem with the apache webserver which was rebooting sometimes and this can cause a corrupt zip archive… the problem is now fixed and the downloads should work again fine.

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