HDRI panorama, Timlapse, Textures, 3dscan, smoke fire footage, panorama photography

Current Footage


16th 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.

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9 comments on “HDRI 360 lago di garda hotel view”

  • DaNiki

    Great stuff man. I can`t believe that all this stuff is for free. Are you for real? 🙂
    Keep on posting man. Two thumbs up!

  • shaun


    this is great work, keep them coming. however i downloaded this one and the file was corrupted. any ideas?

    cheers shaun

  • Alex Cruceru

    I want to thank you for your work.All I can say is that your work and effort is fantastic,you help us like no one else.

    Best regards,

    Alex Cruceru

  • admin

    Hello shaun,
    I checked the download an it should work without any problem…maybe you try a different internet connection..

  • John Doe

    Same problem with shaun. Corrupted file (unexpected end of archive). Tried to download 3 times and tried to extract with 7-zip and winrar. No luck.

    Also this isn’t the only corrupted archive downloaded from openfootage.net.

  • admin

    I checked the two downloads again and cannot find any problem. In three different countries the files download an unpack without any error so I can only say that the failure must be at your connection.

  • andre p

    superb web…!
    openfootage is what i need to do experiment with my model on those open HDRI’s..
    fantastic,, and thanks for all that’s realy helpful to me..

  • Arch. Abood

    you’re incredible, life saving as well. quality products really what every graphic designer needs.

  • Mohammed

    great HDRI image

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