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Montecatini alto

30th 360 degree HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background and small one for lighting cg scenes.

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5 comments on “HDRI 360° Montecatini alto”

  • Philipp Straehl

    thank you very much for the HDRI’s and textures. This is very generous from you to share your hard work.

  • mohsennasseri

    hello I cant downlowd hdri please sent me hdri and help me for power full drawing tank tank

  • mohsennasseri

    hello icant download hdri please help me

  • admin

    I tested the download and it works without any problems. Mohsennasseri maybe you should try a better internet connection.

  • Miho

    Really appreciate what your doing. Haven’t been able to fix my SLR camera in time for university. So without your resources am pretty much screwed on my specialist project for HDRI lighting! Many thanks:))

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