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first 360 degree HDRI Panorama. These High Dynamic range Image can be downloaded in two versions the small one is for lighting the 3d enviroment and the bigger one with a very high resolution can even be used as a background image in cg. ….I know these image is not the “most dramatic” hdri image but there will be much more in future releases..

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21 comments on “PREMIERE HDRI 360 degree panorama”

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. Any chance of a snowy probe?

  • dthomps

    these are fantastic!! just what ive been looking for!! great to find someone doing this to help people unlike the money grabbers charging a fortune. good on ya mate!

  • krishna

    thank u very very much !! for those hdri.

  • Jacob

    Wonderful HDRI’s you’ve got here! Thanks for providing something under CC, much better than those robbers elsewhere.

  • ok

    good site aimhkc

  • Aleem

    Extra Ordinary Work. I must say a very kind hearted act

  • Prateek

    Awesome Stuff Man!! Lucky I got here!! Im gonna bookmark this first thing!! Great Stuff Guys!! Keep up the good work!! God bless ya all!!!

  • PhilW

    A fantastic resource – and wonderful that it is free! Very kind, excellent quality!

  • Roger

    Thank you. Presumably this is the area around where you live. Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • admin

    thank you all for your comments 😉

  • Daniel77

    Thanks a lot man… you pretty much can’t find 360o HDRI images anywhere…

    …although there is something i really needed, any chance of a house interior??? I’m making MatTesting in 3ds max for bigger projecting and i needed a well lightened interior let’s say of a… wooden house maybe???… thanks for any help that can be provided…

  • Ali Reza Rafiee

    I am a student from afghanistan and I am not reach enough to buy hdris.
    now I have downloaded all of your hdris.
    thank you so much for your great help.
    good luck

  • mak360k

    thank u so much,. given away al this gr8 hdris is something gr8,. u r helping out so many people here ,. u have talent and a helping heart,. thx man,. 🙂

  • Alcir E. Rafael

    Thank you so much.
    Congratulations for your help.
    I and my CG friends in Brasil are very very very happy for this great stuff for sharing. Thank u a lot.

  • claudiohick

    yeap! greetings from Brazil! nice work.

  • didu

    thank you very very much

  • Holik

    ??????? ? ????????, ???? ????????????.

  • nur

    thank you verymuch for your service, your hdr is very useful to me. I think it is more useful to everyone if you add some hdr of 11am to 3pm with beautiful sky! thank you again.


  • ano

    The download link of all the HDRI maps doesn’t work.

  • Markus (author)

    Please try again
    Greetings Markus

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