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Sunset at a field in italy gardasee.

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9 comments on “Timelapse sunset field italy”

  • Abe

    This is really beautiful, awesome really.

  • Klaus Ruttmann

    Thanks for your brilliant work.
    This one is great, but your work over all is BRILLIANT.
    Great jobs!

    Best wishes from Vienna, neighbour.

  • John R

    This is incredible, truly awe inspiring.

  • Miroslaw

    Great vid! Exactly the inspiration I have been looking for for some time. And, thank you for the CCA license.

  • tony

    hello, all these footages are very nice thanks!
    btw, when i tried to download the Ntsc 16:9 it downloads the wrong .zip, named ShipDanubePalwide.

    keep up the good work.

  • admin (author)

    hello tony,
    thanks for the hint it´s fixed now…

  • Francois


    It seems the 1080p zip file is corrupted (its size when downloading it is 226 MB, instead of 298 MB, and it’s imossible to open the archive).

    Also, thanks a lot for your amazing work and this website ! Truly helpful and inspiring !

  • Daniel


    Great work. I’ve been trying to download this timelapse but it only downloads about 12MB of the 298MB.

    • Markus (author)

      Hi Daniel,
      I tried the download and could not find any mistake .. please try another internet connection it should download fine.
      best regards Markus

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