Download and license changes

Posted in General on Nov 28th, 2013

Traffic is increasing, server costs are higher and ads and donations do not bring the money to run the sites cost-covering. Therefor is for me no other possibility as to insert a new system of paid downloads for the bigger file size footage.
Under 100MB will not be any changes, everything under creative commons now and in future. Above 100MB there will be a new cost-covering model for downloading. Benefit will be that these paid downloads are royalty-free and not creative commons with the duty to credit openfootage.

Hdri over 100mb will be 6 Euro
For Timelapse footage will be introduced new qualities: Quicktime Prores for 20 Euro
Textures tif: 6 Euro
Cgexplosion: Quicktime + alpha 10 Euro/ EXR 20 Euro/ EXR passes
Openslowmo: Quicktime Prores 20 Euro

I am making this site since 2007 and all the positive feedback got me trough the last years but I simply cannot afford to give all the footage away for nothing but server costs. The Pro users among you will have to pay these small amounts (compared to other footage sites) the private users can use the smaller versions with creative commons as before. These changes will be introduced until 2014.

Markus / /


Posted in General,Openslowmo,Timelapse on Sep 12th, 2013

Shooting high speed has been a dream of me since i had my first used Hi8 camera at fourteen. Two months ago it finally happened, I had the opportunity to buy a used high speed camera and now I would like to share the result with everybody as a new blog:

As usual footage released under creative commons.
Greetings Markus

Music for The Video: Death Proof (Fancy Mike) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


Posted in General,Timelapse on Jun 23rd, 2013

In many shots I had the problem of missing footage especially for smoke and explosions. Conventional footage libraries have not a correct alpha or the explosions leave to quick the filmed area. In many cases I needed explosions that have a scale that are missing in filmed footage. So I had the Idea for this site I would like to share with the public. I am starting with fourteen Explosions and will continually expand the collection by one ore two Explosions a week. License is similar to openfootage except that for a commercial use a donation would be required. For a not commercial usage this is not required.

Happy downloading 🙂
Markus (

Timelapse posts now in 4K

Posted in General,Timelapse on Mar 27th, 2013


The future timelapse post will be available in 4k!

(footage license..)

Openfootage and Internet Explorer crash

Posted in General on Mar 21st, 2009

I fixed some problems with the microsoft internet explorer which failed to load openfootage.

Should now work fine!
If you still experience problems with browsers crashing with the site please write a comment.


Openfootage Server Change

Posted in General on Nov 12th, 2008

UPDATE: All Downloads are available again!

Server change will be completet in the next days….

The increase of downloads in the last months makes it necessary for me to switch to a faster and more reliable server. The Navigation on the site has also come very slow in the last weeks. So I hope in about two weeks, I will switch the server without an interruption for you but if there is some kind of short break please be understanding. If this happens the site will be back in a short time 🙂

The pro�s of the new server will be:

Faster and more reliable downloads

Better site speed in general

and bigger or longer texture and timelapse packs




Posted in General on Feb 29th, 2008


as one of the most interesting projects finished with footage from openfootage i would like to present you Ratmania. This Jump´n´Run, action adventure game is a project mostly by Michael Heiml who development this 3d game with a team of about 30 people at the fh salzburg. After two years of production he finished this game and it´s now free for download and play for everybody who has a pc/windows.

The game can be downloaded at:

(footage license..)

Timelapse Quality? Poll

Posted in General on Dec 29th, 2007

Thanks for the voting! The results are quite clear:

  • HD 1080p is enough

70 % of all votes

  • i want 2k resolution

16 % of all votes

  • HD 720p

8 % of all votes

  • i only need pal/ntsc

6 % of all votes

so HD 1080p is enough!

Many people emailed me and asked if it´s possible to get all the textures and timelapse movies on a dvd. So I thought of making a DVD collection of all footages released under

Regarding the idea of open source footage i would not make any money with these collection and you could get these dvd´s for the production cost (at about 20 dollars). So I ask you in these next poll if you are interrested in these idea!

all downloads up and working…

Posted in General on Nov 8th, 2007

sorry for the interruption… the problems with the downloads are now (and for the future) solved!

NEW download image verification

Posted in General on Oct 27th, 2007

In the last weeks I had serious problems with the bandwith of my site. There were some kind of bots that were clicking one the downloads very often, so I have to built in an image verification system for the downloads. The only change for you is that before the download starts you will have to enter the text of this randomly generated images in a little box (like showed in the picture below). Im sorry for that… but to keep the site online and the unrestricted download of the footage for you accessible these step has to be done.


yours OpenfootageNet

the poll of the last months

Posted in General on Sep 9th, 2007

I think I?m on the right way! Regarding the poll you need 2k tileable textures and surprisingly you get them. I think i will put on some 4k textures as well but only as some kind of special distribution.

thanks for voting !

some downloads currently not available….

Posted in General on Jul 11th, 2007

For the reason that some guys are bombing my downloads and for that are overloading my site, some downloads are currently not available. Im working on some kind of restrictions for those people who want to get this site down….I?m sorry for that and I am trying to get all the files online soon.

UPDATE: all downloads available again!

Poll of the last months…

Posted in General on Jun 27th, 2007

Refering to the poll

The people visiting my site voted for:

47% Textures

25% Time Lapse

11% Tutorials

9% 3d models

9% HDRI pictures

0% panorama photography

So I will publish more texture packs and timelapse sequences! Sometimes there will be some tutorials and maybe HDRI pictures of a 360 degree panorama (in the next months) but mainly I will publish more textures. If you have any suggestions (or wishes) for texture packs or timlapse sequences please post a comment and tell me what you really need ….. and I will see if i can do that. Don?t be shy just post a comment! So thanks for your participation in the last poll the next will be about the quality of the footage…

Posted in General on Mar 16th, 2007

Hello all you digital artists out there!!!

From today on i will start my project .

It?s very simple, on this platform i will share all that stuff from which I start beginning working. Every week I will upload new footage containing textures, time lapse clips, 3d models, an all other kinds of footage I made initially for myselve!

The difference from all others sites containing these stuff is that the footage will be a quality with you can work. There will be no 320*240 video stuff an no pixely small pictures. All picture content will be at least 2k and tileable in one direction (or two regarding on the picture). The videos that I will share for you will be all Full HD,720p, Pal, Ntsc – all widescreen an compressed in a zip archive containing a jpg sequence.

the next big difference is that you can use the footage for your work, commercial or non commercial your are allowed to remix it whatever you want. The whole footage is released under creative commons. The only copyright that I want from you ist that you put the name of the site in your credits of your work.

the reason i put this all together in blog is to keep it for you as simple as possible, you don?t not have to subscribe to any form of mailingslist or registrate to get to the downloads you just can choose what you want and download it straight ahead. I have severall fast servers that will be used for downloading. The pictures and movies of the different footage are all packet in a zip archive so you don?t have to download them seperatly for each picture.

So long and please forgive me for my poor english 🙂