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Openfootage Server Change

UPDATE: All Downloads are available again!

Server change will be completet in the next days….

The increase of downloads in the last months makes it necessary for me to switch to a faster and more reliable server. The Navigation on the site has also come very slow in the last weeks. So I hope in about two weeks, I will switch the server without an interruption for you but if there is some kind of short break please be understanding. If this happens the site will be back in a short time 🙂

The pro�s of the new server will be:

Faster and more reliable downloads

Better site speed in general

and bigger or longer texture and timelapse packs



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3 comments on “Openfootage Server Change”

  • Mark

    Hi, first time I saw this site, I really like the timelapse footage! Thanks for that 🙂

  • Michael E Herndon

    Hi i just wanted to say That what your doing here is extraordinary. And i am so happy i found this site.
    I came to this by way of downloading your HDRI set up for C4D you have up at rendersoity.
    I have just downloaded a few more of your HDRI images. and love them.will be getting some textures as well to see how those are. although my pc is unable to handle the HDRI’s at full size in C4D only 1 gig. so i am reducing them some in cs2.

    i know your images fall under a creative commons, i would like to know if i may have your permission to use your images in some of my models i will want to try to sell.. I WILL NOT give away any set up scenes.
    or images, but simply use the scenes i create as a display for my model, while giving you credit for the image in the preview display of the model, in order to direct them to your site here, i will only be selling the model, with no hdri scene

    if so could you please send me a E-mail or respond in some form.
    for all your hard work that you have made available.

    Michael E Herndon

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