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49th HDRI Panorama release. High resolution for background/reflection and small one for lighting.

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7 comments on “HDRI 360° Flachgau field, Salzburg Austria”

  • Anonymous

    este es el HDR que hay en revit, llamado “campo”

  • faisal

    dear sir its all are very help full.thanks a lot god bless you.

  • haoliang

    I want to look this map?thanks

  • Karl Faxnäs

    Hello. I am trying to download some Enviroment HDR and HDRI Skie for free to try before I pay for some high resolutions , but after I download I get a message that is LOCKED, may because I do not donate any money yet. I need a small tutorial how to use skies in to my iMac 10.8.4 CPU. I run on Blender 2.68

  • Karl Faxnäs

    2/9/2013 I pay 456:- Svedish Kronor for your HDR Enviroment Images but still got nothing from you. Come back to me by mai and explane why.
    I dont pay for nothing.

  • admin

    sorry Karl, I don´t know for what you have paid for, the hdri´s are for free. You must download them yourselve. A Donation is normally a tip for me to keep the project alive 🙂 I think you misunderstand something so I will send you your donation back!

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